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Posted on 2015-11-11 by Author admin


Sealing our garage doors is one of the regular maintenance tips that we do not pay much attention or ignore as homeowners. We tend to be focused so much more on other tasks like grooming, inspection and lubrication and ignore tasks that are more demanding like replacements. It is however worth noting that keeping the weather seals in good shape is crucial as there are a lot of benefits that can accrue from that. In cases where the weather seals are totally damaged, we should have them replaced.

The following are the benefits of Garage Door Weather Seal Replacement:

1. Makes your garage door more durable. The weather seal protects the various garage door parts from damage. If for instance moisture enters the garage through defective seals, parts like the garage door springs, rollers and hinges are exposed and can eventually rust. This causes wear and tear which eventually leads to total damage which is very expensive. Replacing the weather seal early enough simply helps in saving unforeseen future repair and replacement costs of other garage door parts.

2. Protects the property stored inside the garage from damage from adverse weather conditions. We usually keep our valued possessions inside the garage to protect from unauthorized access and from damage due to adverse weather conditions. This is however compromised if the weather seals are not in good order. Some property can be damaged by moisture while others are damaged by excessive heat. Imagine the damage that can occur to the extra couch if it is exposed to excess moisture. To avoid this, we should replace our Garage Door Weather Seal when damaged.

3. Protects against pests and rodents. Pests and other unwanted insects can gain access to the garage and other rooms through the defective seals. These pests can cause massive damage to our precious property. For instance, termites can cause severe damage on the wooden materials which we may have spent a lot of hard earned cash on to acquire. They can also be a nuisance and make unwanted noise and disturbances in our compound. To avoid this, the weather seal should be in good condition with no holes or spaces that can grant entry to the destructive pests and insects.

4. Reduces inconveniences. During the cold season, water and cold air may enter the garage through defective weather seals. This results in contraction and rusting of the metallic parts of the garage door. The contraction makes it hard to close and open the garage door which leads to time wastage and other inconveniences.

5. Cuts on electricity bills. Defective weather seals can lead to air leakage inside the garage and other rooms. In such cases, we are forced to turn the air conditioner to make the rooms habitable. This in turn raises the electricity bills which pushes our expenses upwards.

It is clearly evident that weather seal replacement is an important maintenance tip just like Garage Door Opener Maintenance. For us to have a fully functional garage door, every tip should be taken seriously as each part different needs different approach. We should thus ensure that the weather seals are inspected every time we have a garage door repair.

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